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A practical introduction of Muhammad's teachings in Abyssinia

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Ja’far bin Abi-Talib was among eighty Muslims who fled for protection in the land of Abyssinia (currently Ethiopia in Africa). Speaking to the King of Abyssinia on behalf of the Muslims who sought asylum there, Ja’far said:

“O King, we were once people living in ignorance (unawareness and lack of knowledge), worshiping idols, eating carrion, committing acts of abomination, neglecting our kith & kin, treating our neighbors badly and allowing the strong among us to oppress the weak. This is how we lived until God sent us a messenger from among ourselves, a man whose origin, honesty, integrity and chastity were well known to us.

He called upon us to worship God alone and leave away the stones and idols which we worshipped as our forefathers had done. He instructed us to be truthful in our words, to fulfill our promises and to respect our obligations to our blood relations and he forbade us from committing abominations.

So we trusted & believed him and followed the message he received from God. However, our people denounced us, tortured us and did everything in their capacity to turn us away from our religion. When they continued to oppress us, we came to your land choosing you above all others in order to get protection and be treated with impartiality.”

A Christian King acknowledged Muhammad’s religion

After Ja’far delivered his talk, the King of Abyssinia (who was a religious and God fearing person) asked Ja’far to recite some verses from the "Book" revealed to Muhammad.

Ja’far recited a portion from the chapter “Mary”1, the Mother of Jesus. He continued recitation until the King wept and his beard was moist with tears.

The King then said:

“The message brought by Muhammad and that which was brought by Jesus are from a single source.”

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