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His style of living

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Everything he did was in moderation, without excess or contrariness. He never criticized the food or drink that was prepared for him, nor did he overly praise it.

When at home, he would divide his time into three parts: One for God, one for his family, and one for himself. He always joined in household work and would at times mend his clothes, repair his shoes and sweep the floor. He used to dress well and smell good.

After dawn prayers, he preferred sitting in the mosque reciting the Quran and praises of Allah, till the sunrise. After midnight, he used to get up for the (Tahajjud) prayers (extra prayers and supplications to God at night).

He declared unlawful for himself and his family anything given by people by way of the alms (zakat given by Muslims for the welfare of those in need). He was so particular about this, that he would not appoint any member of his family as a collector of alms for the community.

His house was but a hut with walls of unbaked clay and a roof of palm leaves covered by camel skin.

Muhammad said:

"What have I to do with worldly things? My connection with the world is like that of a traveler resting for a while underneath the shade of a tree and then moving on." (2/666- 2788, Musnad Ahmad, Narrated by Abdullah bin Abbas)

When he died, he did not leave any thing valuable except his white mule and a piece of land, which he had dedicated for the good of the community of Muslims (Sahih Bukhari).

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