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His interactions with people

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549 2021/01/19 2021/01/19

Muhammad was always the first to greet others and would not withdraw his hand from a hand shake until the other man withdrew his.

 Whoever saw him unexpectedly would admire and revere him. And whoever socialized or associated with him familiarly, loved him. He was gentle by nature. He was neither coarse nor disdainful of anyone. 

When he looked at the others, he looked at them in full face. If someone called him he didn't turn his face only, but gave attention with his whole body.

When he used to visit a group, he would sit in the nearest available spot. He did not like reserving seats for others and he ordered his companions to follow his practice. Also, he used to give those seated near him his full share of attention in such a way that no one would think others had been given precedence over him. He was fair with his companions and all people. They were distinguished only by virtue and devotion to God.

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