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It wasn’t illusion and it wasn’t a dream

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552 2021/01/20 2021/01/20

It wasn’t illusion and it wasn’t a dream: When Muhammad reached forty years old, he used to meditate frequently in Cave Hira. At the month of Ramadan (the ninth month of the lunar year, 610 CE approx), Archangel Gabriel appeared to him for the first time while he was in the cave and asked him to “Read”. Muhammad was frightened.

As he was illiterate, he could not read and did not know what to read. Archangel Gabriel repeated his word “read” again and again then he recited the following verses from God:

“Read in the Name of your Lord Who created (everything), He created man from a clot (clinging to the wall of the womb)…Read ! and your Lord is the All-Munificent Who taught man by the pen…He taught man what he didn’t know!” (The Quran, 96:1-5).

Archangel Gabriel disappeared after this short meeting. 

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