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Muhammad conveyed Gods’ Message to all people

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Muhammad acted according to the revelation he received in year 610 CE. He invited the people in Arabia and outside Arabia to believe in one God (Allah) and obey His commandments as they are set for the wellbeing of the whole humanity.

What is the “Message” about? The Message of Islam is based on “Aqidah” i.e. a declaration of faith in One God and “Shariah” which means God’s Law; the system and regulations that govern people’s day to day transactions, activities and practices.

Shariah is divided into three main branches: (1) Worship: such as daily prayers, fasting, supplications, giving Zakat (alms), etc. (2) Life transactions and dealings with others such as rules of justice, people’s rights, commerce and business ethics, inheritance, etc. (3) Morals: such as right actions, etiquettes and values (honesty, sincerity, fidelity, love, cooperation, etc).

God's Commandments

“Say (O Muhammad): Come, I will recite what your Lord prohibited you from,

 (1) Don’t join any partners as equal with Him; 

(2) And be good to your parents; 

(3) And don’t kill your children on a plea of want, We provide sustenance for you and for them; 

(4) And don’t approach or get close to doing shameful deeds openly or secretly (e.g. adultery and deeds of corruption);

 (5) And don’t kill any soul which God made sacred except by way of justice and law. This is what He commands you, thus you may learn wisdom;

 (6) And don’t touch the orphans’ wealth or property, except to improve it, until he or she reaches maturity; 

(7) And give measure and 

(8) weight with (full) justice (when buying & selling and when doing financial & non financial transactions), We place no burdens on any one but that which he or she can bear;

 (9) And whenever you speak (or bear witness) speak justly even if near relative is concerned; 

(10) And fulfill the Covenant of God. This is what He commands you that you may remember ” God's Commandments The Quran, 6:151-152

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