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Muhammad's Banishing the Jews from Al-Madienah

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but why did muhammad (pbuh) banish the jews from madienah?? is not this also a kind of religious oppression.?
nice you have said "banishing the jews"! because this is what really happened. muhammad(pbuh) banished the jews from madienah instead of applying the rules of the quran or that of the old testament "al taurah" upon them ; he (pbuh) didn't kill them because of "treason" .raising of this event is for the behalf of muslims ,if this case was presented under the man-made laws that are applied in any country, then the judgment would have been severe, hard and also a shame: they would have been convicted with "high treason". and proofing conspiration with enemies against the country deserves the penalty of execution!.
jews were a part of the islamic society living in madienah, where they used to live with muslims as one family, the prophet (pbuh) gave them all rights of citizenship just the same given to every muslim. he did not kick them out, or burned them, or seized their properties as the church's popes or the european kings did. beside this, the prophet (pbuh) held with them a protection and safety convention, in which both parties (muslims & jews) were obliged to protect each other in case any harm or danger menaced them.
but the jews contacted secretly the enemies of the prophet (pbuh) and provoked them to fight against him, and offered them all forms of support.
here we get surprised by a very ridiculous and strange attitude, when we realize that the jews denied their religion- that contains the idea of unification and orders to fight polytheism and paganism exactly like islam- when the polytheists of makkah asked them about the religion of muhammad (pbuh); they said that their religion (that of the polytheists) is better than that of muhammad (pbuh)!!!
by this reply the jews preferred to worship the statues than believing in allah the unique the one!!!
this answer alone is enough to describe them as being betrayals and disbelievers!!
while the prophet (pbuh) was visiting them, their leaders thought and said :"you would never find the prophet in such  a condition - suitable for killing him; as being among a little number of men(his companions)- isn't there a man among you to go on the roof of that house in order to throw a big stone on him?!"
an ugly intrigue that trampled on all ethical values. where is the faith of keeping promises? where is value of welcoming the guests? where is respect for the neighborhood?
they wanted to make out of prophet muhammad (pbuh) another jesus. but the same way as allah have protected jesus from being crucified, he protected his prophet muhammad (pbuh) from being killed..
i'll here represent a comment said by a man that no one from the jews doubt about his faith and trust. he is the jewish professor " israel wilfinson", where in his book:" the jews' history in the arab world" ,page 123 he says: "the think that causes pain to any believer either he is a jew or a muslim  is that conversation held  between some jews and the polytheists of quraish, where those jews preferred quraish's religion on that of the leader of the islamic message."
then he says: " normally wars allow nations to use all means of ruses, lies, tricks and misinforming to defeat the enemies, but those jews had no right to get involved in such a raffish mistake, and never announce in front of quraish's leaders that their religion "in worshipping status) is better than the islamic unification. because the jews were holding the banner of monotheism in the world for centuries against  polytheism in the name of their old fathers. in addition to that, they faced uncountable catastrophes like killing, kicking out, expropriations, torturing, and oppressing because of their faith in one god during different eras (ages) in history….their duty was to sacrifice their lives to desert the polytheists.
but instead of that they took the side of the disbelievers and so they offended themselves before offending others, and showed themselves in a way that made even friends repulse from them…
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