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Prostration _Sujoud

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to prostrate saying الله أكبر  "allahu akbar" "allah is great ". he should touch the ground with his knees before touching it, if that is possible to him, if not, he is permitted to touch the ground by his hand before his knees. his fingers and toes should be directed towards the qibla makkah, and his hands should be stretched, and the fingers close together and not separated, in prostration, the worshipper should use these seven organs:

           the forehead, the nose, both hands, both knees and the internal parts of the toes.

                these seven organs should touch the ground. then the worshipper should say thrice or  more:

((سبحان ربي الأعلى ))

"subana rabbiyal a'ala"

  which means:

"glorified is my lord, the exalted."

it is advisable to say:

"subhanaka allahuma rabbana wa bi hamdika, allahuma ighfir-liy."

" سبحانك اللهم ربنا ,و بحمدك- اللهم اغفر لي "

this means:

" glory be to thee, our lord, and i praise thee. our lord, forgive me my sins,"

       it is recommendable for the worshipper to exceed more and more in supplications and ask for more from his lord, because the prophet, may peace and blessings of allah be on him, said:

" أما الركوع فعظموا فيه الرب, و أما السجود فاجتهدوا في الدعاء فقمن أن يستجاب لكم "

    which means:

"as for bowing "ruku" you should glorify your lord during performing it , as for prostration, you should do your best to supplicate and ask for more from him, because your supplications during prostration are more worthy to be accepted,"

 the worshipper should ask his lord for prosperity both in this worldly life and in the hereafter . whether it is an obligatory prayer or an optional prayer, the worshipper, while prostrating, should neither bring his hands close to his sides, nor stick his abdomen to his thighs, or his thighs to his legs. the worshipper's arms should be raised up from the ground because the prophet may, may peace and blessings of allah be on him, prohibited putting the arms and stretching them on the ground, ordering that " adjust your prostration, keep straight in it, and stretch not your hands on the ground as dogs do."
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