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The patience exhibited by the Prophet (saas) in the face of difficulty

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throughout the period of his mission, the prophet muhammad (saas) experienced all manner of difficulty. deniers and polytheists, from among his own people, insulted him most terribly, even calling him a magician or a madman. others wanted to kill him and even schemed to do so. despite all that, the prophet (saas) tried to teach people of all backgrounds and cultures about the qur'an, and therefore about proper morality and good behavior.

as is revealed in the verses of the qur'an, some people had not the slightest idea of the basics of good manners, for which reason it never entered their minds that they might appall someone who possessed superior morality. the prophet (saas) displayed the greatest patience in this circumstances, turning to allah and asking for his help in all situations and encouraging believers to patience and submission.

in many verses in the qur'an, allah advises the prophet (saas) to be patient despite the words of unbelievers:

so be patient in the face of what they say and glorify your lord with praise before the rising of the sun and before it sets. (surah qaf: 39)

do not be grieved by what they say. all might belongs to allah. he is the all-hearing, the all-knowing. (surah yunus: 65)

we know that your breast is constricted by what they say. (surat al-hijr: 97)

perhaps you are leaving aside part of what has been revealed to you and your breast is constricted by this because they say, "why has treasure not been sent down to him or an angel not accompanied him?" you are only a warner and allah is guardian over all things. (surah hud: 12)

believers must remember the kind of things allah's messenger (saas) was patient for, and take him as a model when dealing with their own difficulties. those who despair at the slightest problem, who are unable to bear the smallest objection, who stop preaching the religion of allah, or who lose hope when their business dealings go wrong, must be aware that such behavior is incompatible with allah's holy book and the sayings and deeds of the prophet (saas). believers must always be patient, take allah as their helper and give thanks to him, adopt the superior morality of the prophet (saas), and hope for the mercy, compassion and paradise of our lord.

when guidance came to the people nothing prevented them from believing and asking for forgiveness from their lord but the fact that the pattern of previous peoples did not happen to them or that the punishment did not appear before their eyes.
(surat al-kahf:55)


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