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The Prophet (saas) continually praised the Lord

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in line with allah's command revealed in the verse of the qur'an which declared: "… and proclaim his greatness repeatedly!" (surat al-isra': 111), whenever the prophet (saas) explained a subject, gave advice to the faithful, preached to people or prayed, he would always remember allah with his greatest and most beautiful names. he would praise his power, majesty and greatness. allah told the prophet (saas) how to address the people in a number of verses:

say, "o allah! master of the kingdom! you give sovereignty to whoever you will you take sovereignty from whoever you will. you exalt whoever you will you abase whoever you will. all good is in your hands. you have power over all things. you merge the night into the day. you merge the day into the night. you bring out the living from the dead. you bring out the dead from the living. you provide for whoever you will without any reckoning."… say, "whether you conceal what is in your breasts or make it known, allah knows it. he knows what is in the heavens and what is on earth. allah has power over all things." (surah al 'imran: 26-27-29)

say: "…jurisdiction over it belongs to allah alone. he tells the truth and he is the best of deciders." (surat al-an'am: 57)

say: "mankind! i am the messenger of allah to you all, of him to whom the kingdom of the heavens and earth belongs. there is no god but him. he gives life and causes to die. so believe in allah and his messenger, the ummi, who believes in allah and his words, and follow him so that hopefully you will be guided." (surat al-a'raf: 158)

say: "if all the sea was ink to write down the words of my lord, it would run out long before the words of my lord ran out, even if we were to bring the same amount of ink again." (surat al-kahf: 109)

say: "he is allah, absolute oneness, allah, the everlasting sustainer of all. he has not given birth and was not born. and no one is comparable to him." (surat al-ikhlas: 1-4)

whoever strives only strives for (the benefit) himself. allah is rich beyond need of any being.(surat al-ankabut:6)

when giving advice to a muslim, the prophet (saas) would first remind him of the greatness of allah, saying:

"there is no god but allah, he is one and has no partner, to him belongs all praise and all authority, and he has power over all things, praise be to allah, glory be to allah, there is no god but allah, allah is the greatest, there is no power nor any authority but with allah."18

every muslim who adopts as a model the prophet (saas)'s attitude, morality and godliness, and lives by the qur'an and the sunnah, must employ a way of speaking that reminds people of the greatness and might of allah that calls to his way, and that causes them to love and fear him. every time he speaks he must make it clear that he remembers allah and that he always turns to him.

the prophet (saas) always advised people to love allah, and to love him because of that love for allah. one hadith says:

"love allah for the provision he gave you. love me also as allah loves me."19


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