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The importance the Prophet (saas) attributed to cleanliness

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as well as their purity of heart and morality, muslims are also known for the cleanliness of their bodies, clothes, homes and the food they eat. a muslim's hair, hands, face and body must always be clean. his clothes must always be clean, neat and well cared for. the places where he works or lives must always be clean, tidy, sweet-smelling and be a relaxing atmosphere. once again, it is the prophet (saas) who is the best example of this characteristic of muslims. in one verse, allah told the prophet (saas):

you who are enveloped in your cloak! arise and warn. magnify your lord. purify your clothes. shun all filth. (surat al-muddaththir: 1-5)

allah tells the faithful in the qur'an to eat that which is clean. he also instructed the prophet (saas) to tell the faithful that clean things are lawful:

messengers, eat of the good things and act rightly… (surat al-muminun: 51)

they will ask you what is lawful for them. say: "all good things are lawful for you, and also what is caught for you by hunting animals which you have trained as allah has taught you. eat what they catch for you, mentioning allah's name over it." heed allah. allah is swift at reckoning. (surat al-ma'ida: 4)

the prophet also advises the faithful to be clean in one of the hadiths:

"surely, islam is pure, therefore be pure, because he can never enter paradise who is not pure."33

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