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The Prophet (saas) would laugh and joke with his companions

3063 2008/02/05 2023/03/28

it appears from what has come down from his companions that the prophet (saas) would frequently joke with his family and companions, as well as laugh at their jokes, and give them friendly names or nicknames. as always, however, the prophet (saas) also behaved very prudently, considerately and in accordance with the demands of good conscience when it came to joking. we can summarise the advice the prophet (saas) gave his companions about joking in this way:

"i will joke, but i only speak the truth."

"it is not lawful for a muslim to frighten his brother."

"do not dispute with your brother, not joke with him in mocking terms."

"shame on him who speaks lies in order to entertain others."

"one cannot be a good believer until he ceases to tell lies, even in jest, and to dispute, even if he is in the right."

"do not speak lies, even in jest."171


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