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The Prophet (saas)'s advice on the subject of love

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one of the most important subjects that the prophet (saas) dwelt on was that the believers should love one another sincerely and with no thought of personal interests, and that they should not harbour thoughts of hatred, anger or jealousy for one another. the prophet (saas) was both the best possible example to the believers, but also frequently gave them advice on the subject.

in the qur'an, allah says of the matter:

that is the good news which allah gives to his servants who believe and do right actions. say: "i do not ask you for any wage for this-except for you to love your near of kin. if anyone does a good action, we will increase the good of it for him. allah is ever-forgiving, ever-thankful." (surat ash-shura: 23)

these are some of the hadiths that touch on the prophet (saas)'s qualities of love, friendship and brotherhood:

"a believer loves for others what he loves for himself."172

"allah's apostle (saas) used to accept gifts and used to give something in return."173

"he who is presented with a flower of sweet basil should not reject it, because it is light in weight and pleasant in odour."174

"don't hate one another, don't envy one another don't sell over the sale to another, don't dispute with one another and don't back-bite one another. the servants of allah are brethren to one another."175

"the habits of earlier generations have attacked you-envy and hatred. hatred is shaving. you will not enter paradise till you believe. you will not believe till you love one another. shall i not inform you what thing will establish you on it? spread peace among you."176


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