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Mode of living

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his house was but a hut with walls of unbaked clay and a thatched roof of palm leaves covered by camel skin. he had separate apartments for his wives, a small room for each made of similar materials. his own apartment contained a rope cot, a pillow stuffed with palm leaves , the skin of some animal spread on the floor and a water bag of leather and some weapons. these were all his earthly belongings, besides a camel, a horse, and an ass and some land which he had aquired in the later part of his life (bukhari, muslim, abu dawud). once a few of his disciples, noticing the imprint of his mattress on his body, wished to give him a softer bed but he politely declined the offer saying,
"what have i to do with worldly things. my connection with the world is like that of a traveler resting for a while underneath the shade of a tree and then moving on."
amr ibn al-harith, a brother in law of the prophet (pbuh), says that when the prophet died, he did not leave a cent, a slave man or woman, or any property except his white mule, his weapons and a piece of land which he had dedicated for the good of the community (bukhari, sahih bukhari).

he advised the people to live simple lives and himself practised great austerities. even when he had become the virtual king of arabia, he lived an austere life bordering on privation. his wife aiysha (ra) says that there was hardly a day in his life when he had two square meals (muslim, sahih muslim, vol.2, pg 198). when he died there was nothing in his house except a few seeds of barley left from a mound of the grain obtained from a jew by pawning his armour (bukhari, sahih bukhari, chapter "aljihad").

he had declared unlawful for himself and his family anything given by the people by way of zakat or sadaqa (types of charity). he was so particular about this that he would not appoint any member of his family as a zakat collector (sahah-kitab sadqat).

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