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Muhammad the Mesenger; the Mercy upon Mankind

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his mercy upon women:


the woman before the coming of muhammad (pbuh) was humiliated, sold, bought & buried alive and no one said anything about this matter even the great countries of that time as persia and rome who were only worried about their colonial needs.


when prophet muhammad came, he returned to the woman her freedom; he treated her as a human being with respect equal to the man in all rights and duties except for the innate differences.


he prevented killing her, harming her, burying her, and the best of his followers were those who treated them in a good way " if wife, mother, sister or daughter". he said: "the best of you is the best in treating women". he also said: "the best of muslims is the most ethical, and the most preferable of them is the best in treating women".


he ordered his nation to be lenient to the women.

he asserted their rights saying: "oh allah, be beside the rights of the two weak persons; the orphan and the woman". the meaning of this hadith is that the prophet is warning those who will treat the women badly.


the greater thing that the prophet did is that  he bequeathed to hold on the women's rights when he was near to die, which was never been done by any of the legends in all history, because when on of them is near to die he won't but think about himself…


the prophets greatness was shown very clear on the time of his death when he bequeathed men to be kind to the women, saying: "be kind to women".



his mercy upon the jews and christians:


he was not only merciful to his followers but also to his enemies from the jews and christians as shown in the next paragraph:


muhammad (pbuh) had a jewish neighbor who was harming him by throwing rubbish in front of his house. the prophet didn't make the same in return, in the contrary, he used to take the rubbish throwing it far away, because he was ordered from the almighty allah to spread mercy and kindness through the ethics of islam to help people to overcome the misery and difficulties of this life.


one day the prophet didn't find any rubbish in front of his house as usual and he understood that his neighbor might be ill, so he decided to visit him.


as you see, dear reader, this was how our prophet treated one of those harming him.


the prophet went to his neighbor's house and visited him to find him ill as expected; he talked to him in a nice way and wished him quick recovery.


it is not only the nobility and soul highness but the majesty of the prophet.


the jewish man was surprised of the prophet's attitude towards him although he was harming him the whole time. so he realized that he is the last of messengers sent be the almighty allah and converted to islam at once.



his mercy upon the polytheists:


muhammad; the prophet was very kind to all humans, full of mercy not only towards his mates but also towards his enemies. he never acted severely only when it comes to the rights.


he always met their harming by benevolence although they did all their best to hurt him. he instead was very concerned to guide them to the right path in a way that he felt very sad about their refusal, and this broke his heart deeply. as mentioned in the holy quran, the almighty allah told him: "so destroy not yourself (o muhammad) in sorrow for them ".



his mercy upon the poor:


although that the prophet owned the hearts of his followers and was loved and obeyed by everyone, he never felt conceited. in spite of this position and majesty, he was kind to the poor with the possible money and food, and tried to make them feel happy by sitting and speaking to them in a good and polite way.


even strangers, that lost their way, were no longer strange in the prophet's house and were treated better than the countrymen.


in muhammad's land every one has to be treated in a good way, whether poor or not, whether a stranger or not. everyone is obliged to help the poor and strangers in providing them with their needs.


the prophet was simply the mercy sent to all people…..



his mercy upon people:


the people of this world now days need an administrational regime controlled by an ethical system to facilitate their transactions, so that they can gain their rights very easily and safely without loosing time in looking for their lost rights.


this is applied very clearly in the administrational system of prophet muhammad which is based on facilitating the procedures of people's transactions. he (pbuh) ordered his employers to help people and treat them in a good and honest way and to finish their work quickly without negligence.



but in addition to that, the prophet was applying a very sharp recruitment system, so that no insufficient person could take the place of a sufficient one. he was also very sharp in punishing those who didn't apply the rules and cheating people. the one – as mentioned in the hadith – who will cheat others is no more one of us, and will not inter paradise. he also said that the one leading people and cheats them will not inter paradise


in all doings, cheating is strictly forbidden, whether in selling, buying, treating people….etc.



his mercy upon animals:


even the animals were treated the best treatment by muhammad the prophet and his followers as they were ordered.


he prohibited us from:

-overload their backs with heavy things more than they bear.

- giving them less food or making them work without any rest.

-killing them with no reason.

-torturing them or making them a goal for archery.

-making them fight together for our amusement.



abdullah reported that his father said:" we were with the prophet when he found a bird flying angrily and crying for her babies, when he knew that we took them he ordered us to return them back to their mother.


he also was tilting the bowl for the cat to help her drinking, as kind of mercy on her.


these are only some examples of muhammad's mercy upon all creatures…

muhammad, the great mercy upon all.


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