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Answering the Discredit that Says: The Prophet Died Poisoned

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35021 2007/11/05 2024/06/16
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the reply on this discredit


when the hearts become ill and blind with hatred, this cause people to insult others with reasonable and unreasonable matters; as for example carping at someone’s small eyes or black skin. such forms of insulting others aren’t accepted by any reasonable thinker.


those people say that a jewish woman gave the prophet a poisoned sheep as a present and he died after eating it.


they take the interpretation of al baydawy as a witness for their claims:

“after conquering khaibar (year 7 after immigration), zeinab bint al hareth ( salam bin mishkam’s wife, who was a jew) asked:” what part of the sheep the prophet like most?” she was told that it is the arm because it is the most part of  the sheep’s body far from the offal. so she made a sheep and poisoned its arm with a very harmful poison that kills at the moment. she went and gave the prophet this sheep as a present.

when the prophet started eating, he said:” stop eating, because this sheep is poisoned”.


the prophet then went to this woman and asked her about the reason of her action, and she replied that she was paid by her tribe to do that. this was after conquering “khaibar”- the biggest jewish bulwark in madinah-. the prophet then forgave this woman.


those “doubters”, on the other hand ignore the interpretation of al baydawy that says:” when the prophet was near to die, he told aisha(his wife) :” the time came for my death; i feel the poison inside me killing me.”

dying after many years (year 10 after immigration) from eating this poison is because the almighty allah prevented him from being killed by others and protected him from all spiteful people, and also gave him (pbuh) the level of martyrdom.

also not dying directly after being poisoned, is a miracle given to the prophet proving his truthfulness and that he is in deed the last sent messenger by allah. and so the prophet died at the time that allah predestined, years after he had been given this poison.

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