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Could Prophet Muhammad Remove the Sins of Muslims?

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7468 2009/02/25 2024/05/26
prophet muhammad was a prophet and messenger of god and his mission was to deliver the message of god to people. he is not responsible if people do not believe in the message he delivered. it is up to the people to use their intellect and reason to verify the message (islam) he has delivered and accept it if it is rational.

the prophet did not come to cleanse the sins of people. if he could, he would be equal to god in power and this becomes absurd in islam, contrary to the teachings of the quran. neither prophet muhammad nor any other prophet could remove the sins of people. only god has the power to do it.

in islam, every person is held responsible for his or her acts. and the reward for good acts and the punishment for evil acts, if unrewarded or punished while on this earth, will be meted out accordingly in the hereafter on the day of judgement _ by god.

with god's mercy and compassion, sins committed through irreligious acts, could be pardoned by god alone through seeking his forgiveness and executing sincere repentance.

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