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The Muslims Camp at Badr

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there was some hesitation in the camp of quraysh, whether to follow abu jahl or return home. banu zuhrah, under the leadership of al akhnas ibn shariq, listened to abu sufyan's counsel and returned home; but they were alone. all the rest followed abu jahl in deciding to encamp as if in preparation for war and to consult with one another later on. they set up camp on the farthest side behind a sand dune which they took as center. the muslims, on the other hand, having now missed the booty, decided together to stand firm should the enemy engage them. they hurried to the springs of badr while a rain which fell upon them from heaven helped their quick advance to that place. when they reached the first water well, muhammad dismounted with the intention of camping there. cognizant of the area, al hubab ibn al mundhir ibn al jamuh approached the prophet and said: "0 prophet of god, is this spot where you have dismounted a place to which god has guided you and, therefore, may we neither step beyond it nor stay far behind it? or is this simply a question of ordinary war strategy, of measures and moves and counter measures and moves?" muhammad answered, "it is indeed the latter, just as you said." a1 hubab then said, "0 prophet of god, this is not a good place to be. we should move forward until we reach the well closest to the enemy. there we would bring a trough to it to fill with water and then fill the well with sand. we would fight the enemy; and when we withdraw we would be able to drink, whereas they would not." muhammad, immediately agreeing, rose to go forward with his force. he sent a reminder to all his companions that he is but a man like them, that all decisions have to be taken by all of them in consultation with one another, that he will not decide anything without them finally, and that he stands in great need of their good counsel.


building a booth for the prophet

when they completed the building of the trough, sa'd ibn mu'adh addressed the prophet thus: "0 prophet of god, let us build a booth for you to stay in, and let us prepare for you some mounts before we engage our enemy. if god gives us the strength and we are victorious, that would be fine and well. if otherwise, you would then ride these mounts, join the rear ranks of our forces and return home. many muslims have stayed in madinah who do not love you any less than we do. no one had expected that our expedition would turn out to be one of war. had they realized this, they would not have let you go out without them. on your return to madinah, they would be there to protect you, counsel you and fight with you." muhammad thanked sa'd and prayed for him. the booth was readied for the prophet and preparations were made for his return in case of defeat so that he would not fall into the hands of his enemies as a captive.

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