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Muhammad's Prayer and Invocation

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muhammad led the muslims and organized their ranks. as he looked over the quraysh army and compared them with his thin ranks and poor equipment, he felt quite apprehensive. he returned to his booth with abu bakr, strongly moved by fear and pity for the career of islam should the muslims lose on this day. turning his face to makkah and his whole soul to god, he began to pray, calling on god to give him victory. he prayed to god for a very long while, and was heard repeating the following words: "0 god, here is quraysh with all her tribe seeking to belie your prophet. 0 god, give us the assistance which you promised. 0 god, if this little army perishes, when will you be worshiped again?" muhammad prayed with hands raised to heaven. his mantle fell off and abu bakr had to pick it up and put it back on his shoulders. abu bakr said to him: "0 prophet of god, enough calling on god; he will surely give you what he promised. muhammad continued to pray, pouring out his whole soul in pious invocation to god to help him in this hour of precipitous danger. after near collapse, he came back to himself and told of a vision he saw of god's victory. with radiant face, he went out to meet his men and incited them to put their faith in god and enter the battle without fear. he assured them one by one: "by him who controls muhammad's soul, not one of you today fights and falls but god will enter him into his paradise."

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