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The True Faith of the Muslims

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3046 2008/10/05 2024/06/24

we must pause here to appreciate with wonder the faithfulness of the muslims, their great love for muhammad, and their absolute conviction of the truth of his prophethood. they knew too well that quraysh far exceeded them in number; in fact, their enemy had three times as many fighters as they. nonetheless, they decided to stand firm in the cause and to fight. after they saw their booty escape, whatever motivation they had for material gain must now be discounted. all this notwithstanding, by siding with the prophet they confirmed his prophethood and strengthened his ranks. they were not sure of victory, though they wished for it; and they were afraid of defeat. nonetheless, they thought of protecting the prophet and arranged lest he should fall a captive in the hands of his enemies. they planned for him to return to madinah and join the muslims behind. what stand is more wonderful than this! what faith guarantees victory as this faith of theirs!

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