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The Flawless Program in the Human Body

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in the previous page, we mentioned a perfect program allah inserted into the human body. thanks to this program, every human being has eyes, ears, arms and teeth. again thanks to this program, despite some differences in their appearances, all human beings look reasonably similar. we resemble our relatives, and some peoples have their own distinctive characteristics because of this program. for instance, the chinese and japanese generally resemble one another, and africans have their unique skin colours, facial features, and mouth and eye structures.


now let's explain what this program is like with the following example: you must have an idea of the way computers operate. an expert designs the computer. experts in special factories with the help of advanced technologies also produce complementary components such as the microprocessor, monitor, keyboard, cd, loudspeakers and so on. now, you have a machine capable of processing highly complex operations. you can either play games or write whatever you want. but for all this to happen, you need software called "programs." without these programs, which are specially prepared by experts, your computer would fail to operate. furthermore, we know that not every program is compatible with every type of computer, which means that the programmer must know both the computer and the software compatible with it. as we have seen, one needs both a machine and a proper program to operate a computer. but more importantly, if nobody designed and produced all these things, your computer would again fail to work. the human body is similar to a computer. as we said earlier, there is a program in our cells that brings about our existence. now the question is, how did it happen that this program came into existence? the answer is obvious: allah, the almighty, specially creates every human being. it is allah who has created our bodies as well as the program that shapes them. but don't get me wrong. from another point of view, it is quite impossible to compare the human body to a computer. our bodies are infinitely superior to the most complex computer. our brain alone, for instance, is many times more complex than a computer. now let's see how a baby is born into this world: initially, there exists a tiny piece of flesh in your mother's womb. in the course of time, this tiny piece of flesh expands and takes shape.


your height, the colour of your eyes, your eyebrows, the shape of your hands and hundreds of other features are all predetermined from the very first moment of your existence. all this information is stored in that initial program allah placed in your cells. this program is so flawless and detailed that scientists have only recently come close to understanding how it operates.


in accordance with the program allah placed in our bodies, we grow gradually. that is why the growth of our body does not seem odd to us. it takes us years to grow. we would no doubt be astonished if this program worked faster. the sight of a newborn baby suddenly turning into an old man before our very eyes would be quite amazing.



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