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Prophet Ayyub (Job)

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being steadfast in the face of what happens to one is a very important attribute peculiar to muslims. ayyub, peace be upon him, was tried by the loss of his family and his wealth, and a serious harm that caused him great suffering. ayyub only asked help from allah and put his trust in him. allah answered his prayer and taught him how to overcome this distress. the exemplary character of ayyub, peace be upon him, and his prayer are related in the qur'an as follows:

remember our slave ayyub when he called on his lord: "satan

has afflicted me with exhaustion and suffering."

[so he was told] "stamp your foot! here is a cool bath and

water to drink."

…we found him steadfast. what an excellent slave! he truly

turned to his lord. (surah sad: 41-44)



no sooner do some of us encounter disease, hardship or trouble, than we immediately despair. some people even become rebellious towards allah. however, these attitudes displease allah. as the example of ayyub shows, allah may send various troubles to his slaves, but such afflictions mature the believer and test his devotion to allah. in the face of all afflictions we encounter we must pray to allah and trust him. we must be patient like ayyub, peace be upon him, and turn to allah. only then, will allah ease our troubles and reward us both in this world and in the hereafter.


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