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The Pillars of Islam

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                                                                                         The Pillars of Islam
the messenger of allah (sal-allahu 'alayhe wa sallam) said:

((islam is built upon five (pillars)…)): 

1) ((testifying that there is no god except allah and that muhammad is the (final) messenger of allah…)).

(that none is truly worthy of worship except allah (alone) and that muhammad was sent with the message (of islam); 

2) ((and to - establish the prayer…)).

(to perform the (obligatory five daily) prayers with tranquility, awareness and full-concentration); 

3) ((and to give the zakaah…)).

(if the muslims own 85 grams of gold or that which is equivalent in terms of money, then he is required to extract 2.5% of this value once a year of ownership has passed. as for other items, then the rates differ accordingly);

4) ((and to fast ramadan…)).

(to refrain from food and drink and sexual intercourse and all other specified things from the time of fajr until the time of maghrib);

5) ((and to make hajj)).

(for whoever is physically and financially able to do so).

[narrated by muslim]

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