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How The Universe Came Into Existence

19241 2009/08/29 2024/06/18
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the origin of the universe is described in the qur'an in the following verse and in many others:

he is the originator ofcreated the heavens and the earth from nothing… (surat al-an'am: 101)

in the first section of the book, we described in detail how the universe came into existence from nothing 15 billion years ago. in other words, the universe suddenly came into existence from nothing.

only the science of the twentieth century enabled us to attain scientific evidence of this great event. therefore, it was impossible to know this scientifically 1,400 years ago. but, as is also mentioned in the previous verse, allah told us this fact when the qur'an was first revealed. this is a miracle of the qur'an and one of the pieces of evidence that it is the speech of allah.

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