The Reason behind Al-Hudaibiyah Treaty

Article translated to : العربية

when arabia began to witness the large impressive sweep in favour of the muslims, the forerunners of the great conquest and success of the islamic call started gradually to loom on the demographic horizon, and the true believers restored their undisputed right to observe worship in the sacred sanctuary.

it was about the sixth year hijri when the prophet [pbuh] saw in a dream, while he was still in madinah, that he had entered the sacred sanctuary in makkah in security with his followers, and was performing the ceremonies of ‘umrah (lesser pilgrimage). their heads were being shaved and hair cut off. as soon as he informed some of his companions the contents of his dream, their hearts leapt up with joy since they found in it the actualization of their deep longing to take part in pilgrimage and its hallowed rites after an exile of six years.