The Muslim's Movement towards Makkah

Article translated to : العربية

the prophet [pbuh] had his clothes washed, mounted his camel and marched out towards makkah at the head of fifteen hundred muslims including his wife umm salamah. some desert bedouins whose faith was lukewarm hung back and made excuses. they carried no weapons with them except sheathed swords because they had no intention of fighting. ibn umm maktum was mandated to dispose the affairs of madinah during the prophet’s absence. as they approached makkah, and in a place called dhi hulaifa, he ordered that the sacrificial animals be garlanded, and all believers donned al-ihrâm, the pilgrim’s garb. he despatched a reconnoiterer to hunt around for news of the enemy. the man came back to tell the prophet [pbuh] that a large number of slaves, as well as a huge army, were gathered to oppose him, and that the road to makkah was completely blocked. the prophet [pbuh] consulted his companions, who were of the opinion that they would fight none unless they were debarred from performing their pilgrimage.

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