Avoiding a Bloody Crash between the Two Parties

Article translated to : العربية
the muslims avoided marching on that way and decided to follow a rugged rocky one. here, khalid ran back to quraish to brief them on the latest situation.

when the muslims reached a spot called thaniyat al-marar, the prophet’s camel stumbled and knelt down and was too stubborn to move. muhammad [pbuh] swore he would willingly accede to any plan they put forward that would glorify allâh’s sanctities. he then reprovingly spurred his camel and it leapt up. they resumed their march and came to pitch their tents at the furthest part of al-hudaibiyah beside a well of scanty water. the muslims reported thirst to the prophet [pbuh], who took an arrow out of his quiver, and placed it in the ditch. water immediately gushed forth, and his followers drank to their fill.

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