Allah is the One who Withheld Quraish's Hands from the Prophet

Article translated to : العربية

seeing an overwhelming tendency towards reconciliation among their chiefs, some reckless, fight-prone youngsters of quraish devised a wicked plan that could hinder the peace treaty. they decided to infiltrate into the camp of the muslims and produce intentional skirmishes that might trigger the fuse of war. muhammad bin maslamah, chief of the muslim guards, took them captives, but in view of the far-reaching imminent results about to be achieved, the prophet [pbuh] set them free. in this context allâh says:

"and he it is who has withheld their hands from you and your hands from them in the midst of makkah, after he had made you victors over them." [al-qur'an 48:24]

time passed. negotiations went on but with no results.

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