Refuting the Suspicion that Says: The Prophet Married Khadieja According to the Christian religion

the third lie:


the messenger peace be upon him didn't marry anyone but khadija as he married according to the christian religion


all the biography books mentioned that who witnessed the prophet’s marriage from khadieja were his uncles al hamza and abu talib, they asked for her hand from her father khowaild and her uncle amr ibn asad and it was said that it was her brother amr ibn khowaild ibn asad. and abu talib who gave the speech of the marriage was a polytheist and died so. and all of the attendants were polytheists (they called it ibrahim's religion but of course it wasn't so).

there is no mention about  warakah ibn nawfel only in one narration which is fabricated and in which he said praising the prophet and addressing khadija's guardian (either her father, brother or her uncle) saying: ''this is the perfect man, marry her to him''. and even if this narration is authentic which isn't, it clarifies that warakah was an ordinary man who attended the wedding. so i don't know from where zakaria butrus got the information that the prophet peace be upon him married according to christianity.


these were the words of the christian lebanese priest joseph kazy known as abi mosa al hariry in his book'' priest and prophet''. he said these words from his own imaginations and made them facts. then the liar khalil abd al karim transmitted these words which were transmitted from him by zakaria butrus. these words are all lies, never mentioned in any biography book and none of the muslim scholars ever talked about.


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