Hadeeth 22- The Essential Characteristics of his Personality

from abu hurairah (radiyallaahu 'anhu) who said that allaah's messenger said:

two characteristics are not found together in a hypocrite: good manners and understanding of the religion.[40]

so his manners are the manners of the righteous people, and his behaviour that of the servants of the lord of the worlds. he emulates the pious and follows in the footsteps of the sincere. his heart and his behaviour agree, he is not like the weak who take pains to put on a good appearance whereas their hearts are empty! his knowledge and understanding of the religion is deep and springs from a good and sensitive heart, and precise memory. however his good manners and knowledge and understanding of the religion do not prevent him from:

40.reported by at-tirmidhee (no.2685)

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