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Islam and Muslims

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we have already learned about allah. now we should learn about islam and muslims.


what is islam?

islam is an arabic word.

it is our way of life.


what does islam mean?

it means to submit to allah and obey his commands. if we obey allah and do as he commands, we will have peace.


that is why islam also means peace.


islam teaches us to lead a good life on this earth. it tells us how to live as good people. it also tells us that allah is our maker and master. islam shows us the right way. if we follow islam, we can be happy and live in peace. so, islam is a great blessing for us.


how did we come to know about islam?

we came to know about islam from the prophets and messengers of allah. we will learn more about them later in this book.


islam began with adam peace be upon him and was completed at the time of muhammad peace be upon him.


muhammad peace be upon him was the final messenger of allah on earth.


who is a muslim?

a muslim is a person who follows islam. if we follow islam, allah gives us peace and happiness.


a muslim will always try to do good. he speaks the truth. he will not lie. he will not do bad things. he helps others. he cares for the old and the needy. he listens to his parents and cares for them. he is polite and cares for other human beings. he always tries to please allah.


we feel proud to be muslims. allah has given us the name muslims. allah says in the qur’an:

“he named you muslims before and in this.”

(surah 22, verse 78)


o allah, make us good muslims and make us happy.

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