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Hajj-Pilgrimage to Makkah

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hajj is the fifth basic of islam.


what is hajj?


hajj is a visit to the ka’bah الكعبة in makkah during the month of dhul hijjah, by those muslims who can afford the trip. a muslim tries to make pilgrimage at least once in a lifetime. hajj is an act of worship عبادة (ibadah in arabic). ibadah is any good activity we do to please allah.


what is the ka’bah?


the ka’bah is the house of allah (baitullah in arabic) in makkah. it is a cube-shaped building covered by a large black cloth. muslims must face towards the ka’bah at the time of salah. this direction we face is called the qiblah.


who build the ka’bah?


it was build by the first prophet, adam (as). it was rebuilt by the prophets ibrahim (as) and ismail (as). it is the first house built on earth for the worship of allah. hajj is a great event for the muslims. during hajj, muslims from all over the world get together in makkah. it’s a yearly gathering of muslims.


there is a festival which comes during hajj. this festival is called idul adha عيد الأضحى . there is a special eid prayer in the morning. on this day we remember when prophet ibrahim (as) was ready to obey allah and sacrifice his son prophet ismail (as).


hajj teaches us that we belong to allah only. so, we must always do as commands.

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