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Caring for Parents

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our parents are a gift from allah. they care for us and help us as we grow up. they love us. they are kind to us. they care very much for our comfort and happiness. so, we must care for our parents. we must always be kind to them. we should listen to what they say. our parents always want what is best for you. here is a story about caring for parents.


there once was a great man, named sharfuddin yahya. he cared a lot for his parents when he was a boy. he obeyed them and was kind to them.


one night his mother was thirsty and asked sharfuddin for a glass of water. when sharfuddin came to his mother with the glass of water, he found her asleep. he did not think it wise to disturb his mother’s sleep. so, he kept standing there with the glass in his hand until his mother awoke.


his mother opened her eyes after a few hours and found sharfuddin standing beside her with the glass of water. she asked him, “my dear son, have you been standing there all this time?”


sharfuddin said, “yes mother, i have been waiting for you to wake up, to give you a glass of water.”


sharfuddin’s mother was pleased with him. she blessed him and prayed to allah to make sharfuddin a great man. when he grew up, sharfuddin was really a very great man of his time.


children! you should care for your parents like sharfuddin did. never say a harsh word to them. listen to them and obey what they say. behave well with your parents. do your best at school. then your parents will be happy. allah too will be happy with you.


indeed, allah tells us to be good to our parents.

he say’s in the qur’an:


“and be kind to your parents.”

(surah 17, verse 23)


a good muslim child is kind to his parents. he cares for them.







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