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The Way the Old Testament Describes the Woman

Auther : Fawzi Alghadiri
5601 2010/06/10 2024/07/22
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the old testament describes woman as a container full of waste

the old testament, from which the new testament has derived most of its teachings, is not much better in its oppression of woman and considering her less than men. in their teaching, jewish scholars consider woman to be a container full of wastes, greediness, laziness, and envy.

talmud deprived woman to supplicate for her husband because she is a curse for him. it forbids woman, child and salves to read the mishna [the essence of oral law of the jews] and the torah. it bars woman from delivering witness and oath. it considers the adult woman below the baby in status. she is prohibited to speak with foreign men but the husband's relatives. judaism prohibits touching, having sexual intercourse or eating with the menstruating woman. it considers that if a menstruating women passes between two men she is a curse and bad omen for them. woman in judaism is the property of her father, then her husband and therefore denied the right to own property. their falsified books allowed polygamy without controls and without determining the number. the ideal age for marriage was 12 years old. the elder brother had to marry his brother's widow of his brother.

scholars encouraged divorce as a quick solution to the problems of the bad-mannered wife because she is black plague in their opinion. among the reasons for a man to divorce his wife: if ten years of marriage passes without pregnancy; if she goes out bare headed; if she has sex with her husband while she is menstruating; if her voice is aloud; if she does not fulfill a vow she has taken; if she has a birth defect; and if she eats, drinks or breastfeeds a child in the street. in judaism, committing adultery by a married man is not a crime nor punished by the law because woman does not own the man but he owns her. in confirmation of all the above, let us take a look at some of the views and provisions of judaism with respect to woman. i used a very important book entitled women in islam versus women in the judaeo-christian tradition:

 the myth and the reality* as an essential reference to expose the status of woman in judaism, by sheriff abdul-azeem.

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