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Islam Raises the Status of Woman

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in contrast to all these teachings of judaism and christianity, the noble qur'an does not differentiate between boys and girls. it considers the birth of a girl is a gift and a blessing like that of the boy. it even mentions girls first. allah says what can be translated as: "to allah belongs the kingdom of the heavens and the earth. he creates whatever he decides; he bestows upon whomever he decides females, and he bestows upon whomever he decides the males." (tmq, 42: 49) unlike christianity and judaism, islam tells parents that the birth of girls is a good thing and urges them to treat them well. the prophet (saws) said: "whoever have daughters and treats them well they shall be a shield for him from the hellfire." [66] he also said: "whoever has three daughters and he treats them well, have mercy on them, and provides for them shall be admitted into paradisefor sure. some companions asked about if this applies to two daughters and he replied in the affirmative." the narrator said that if they had asked him about one daughter he would have replied in the affirmative as well. [67] he also said: "whoever provides for two girls until they reach puberty shall be near me in paradise. the prophet then raised his index and middle fingers."[68] this clearly proves how islam raised the status of girls from since their birth and rejected the manner in which pagan arabs treated them before islam. they used to bury them alive because they were considered a shame. the noble qur'an criticized this criminal habit. allah says what can be translated as: "and when one of them is given the tidings of (the birth) of a female, his face lingers blackened and he is ever-repressed (with sorrow). he hides himself from (literally: overlays himself beyond) (the sight) of the people because of the odious tidings (given) him, whether he should retain it in degradation or shove it in the dust. verily, odious is (the way) they judge!" (tmq, 16: 58-59) and: "and when the female infant buried alive will be asked. for whichever guilty deed she was killed."(tmq, 81: 8-9)

since the advent of islam, it first forbade burying girls alive and considered it an abominable act and a heinous crime that cause allah's wrath and indignation. among the first privileges islam granted muslim woman was the right to life and considered killing her for only being a female an unforgivable crime. moreover, islam enjoined its followers to do well to girls and raise them and take care of them. it promised whoever does so to receive great reward. the prophet (saws) said:  "whoever has three daughters and he remains patient with them, provides for them and clothes them from his money they shall be a shield for him from the hellfire on the day of resurrection." [69]



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