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Yes, some Muslims do not do that

5436 2010/12/19 2024/04/16
Article translated to : العربية עברית

having clarified the status of woman in islam compared to that in both judaism and christianity, it remains to clarify an important point, that is, in the arab and muslim world there are men who do not clearly understand the teachings of their religion with respect to women because of their lack of learning or undevoutness. those fall into errors that are prejudicial to woman and make her life difficult. this example of the muslim man ignorant of the teachings of his religion is the example adopted by biased western groups that deliberately distort the real image of woman in islam. they are the anti-islam instigators who display the image of the muslim man who does not apply the teachings of islam in dealing with women correctly and portray this as if it were the true islam while this is not so as i explained earlier. these biased entities deliberately focus on non-representative cases in some muslim men, ignorant of teachings of their religion, abuses their wives, and then maximize this erroneous image of islam apply it to the religion as a whole, a matter that i have refuted.

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