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The Despair of the Jewish Woman because of Oppression is much more than her Counterparts

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the status of woman is also illustrated in the halakhah (jewish religious law) publications where woman is always related to the salves, minors, foolish, deaf and aggressive.[62]therefore, the jewish woman may be unhappy within this situation as evidenced in a study on the despair of middles-aged women in los angeles. poleen barthesfound out that "the diagnosis shows that the despair of jewish women is as double as that of non-jewish women … none of them mentioned any personal achievement except that she was a good mother." in addition, they show, according to barthes, pre-pathological classical trends, i.e., "being a martyr for nothing … to compensate for years of sacrifice."[63]


this is the situation of the american woman in the twenty-first century at hasidic village of new square, n.y. there, the woman is deprived of many of her instinctive rights even occupying the front seat beside her husband.steven i. weiss commented on that and compared the situation of the american woman with that of the saudi woman. he criticized the american administration for its attempt to defend the saudi women while neglecting the bad situation of some american women:


"during her trip last month to saudi arabia, undersecretary of state karen hughes delivered a speech in which she stressed the bush administration’s determination to see saudi women obtain more rights — including the right to drive…. in the recent document, new squarereligious leaders reiterated the prohibition against girls riding bicycles; also, women are forbidden from going outside in their long housecoats –– a common fashion staple in many orthodox communities. … this document was issued last july by a rabbinical court to activate many of the sectarian criteria that relate to woman's behaviors…. some ways, saudi arabia’s laws regarding women are more permissive than the religious edicts in new square. for example, a saudi woman is allowed to ride in the front seat of a car if the driver is her husband. while husbands and wives in saudi arabiaare allowed to walk with each other, new squaremen and women always must walk on different sides of the street. in strong contrast to saudi arabia, the government does not enforce the religious rules in new square; violations do not result in any form of corporal punishment. but those who frequently violate the rules in new squareare blackballed from the community."[64]


we think now that the status of woman in both christianity and judaism has become clear. we have dealt briefly to the way both religions deal and conceive woman and how they consider woman as just a follower to man, the source of all vices and sins, and the property of her father and then her husband.  woman is not allowed to own anything just like the slaves who are obedient to their male masters. after we discovered the humiliation of christiana and jewish woman under the instructions of these religions and the injustice that affected western woman in general until 1848 when elizabeth cady stanton, in women's rights convention and after 70 years from american revolution, asked for intuitive rights and to have the respect of man. having seen all this, we have to inquire about the role of the critics to reveal these facts to the world as they seem keen to show the truth! why did not critics of islam mention these facts while 'educating' the westerners with respect to the status of women in islam, especially that most of these critics belongs originally to judaism and christianity? the reason is obvious: they are working according to pre-fabricated plan to incite the peaceful western people against islam and muslims. in any case, let us see now the real situation of muslim woman under islam. is it true her situation is no different from the status of woman under judaism and christianity? is it true that man is of a higher degree and value than her? is it true that she does not have any rights under islam? we will provide answers to these questions and more through highlighting the status of woman under islam and its teachings.



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