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2560 2010/09/26 2023/03/22
in islam, one male witness equals two females: the quran says (what means): {and get two witnesses out of your men. if there are not two men, then a man and two women such as you choose [maybe in place of two men as the witnesses]; so that if one of the women errs, the other one will remind her...}[quran 2:282]
here again, many people tend to denounce islamic principles as unjust to women. they tend to interpret this requirement as proof of men's superiority over women. again, this assumption is not true. in fact, various psychological and biological studies conducted on the psyche and hormonal functions of women, have proved that men generally tend to react more rationally and less emotionally, than women.
in cases of crime, for example, torn bodies and pouring blood are more likely to spur an emotional reaction among women than among men. this reaction is alone capable of distorting the female's perception and/or memory.
on the other hand, men are also bound by rules concerning their testimony. for instance, they must not be parents, friends or enemies of the accused. can we then conclude that, if it was the case for women, that male parents and friends of the accused must be considered inferior too? of course, they are not.
finally, one should note that there are matters where a woman is the only witness required. these are related to areas where women are the experts, for example, in issues of breast feeding, bringing up children and the question of kinship (who is her child's father).
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