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Muhammad (SAWS) rehabilitates Woman

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Article translated to : العربية עברית

this strong support obtained by muslim woman was like rehabilitation. muslim man became aware of her status with her creator fourteen centuries ago. this status is reflected in the noble qur'an which addresses both man and woman together on an equal footing and gives both rights and duties and promises both the prize when they do well. the qur'an does not neglect woman or considers her the source of sin. allah says what can be translated as: "surely (for) male muslims and female muslims, and male believers and female believers, and devout males and devout females and sincere males and sincere females, and patient males and patient females, and submissive males and submissive females, and male donators and female donators, and fasting males and fasting females, and males who preserve their private parts and females who preserve their private parts, and males who are much mindful of allah and females who are much mindful of allah - for them allah has prepared forgiveness and a magnificent reward." (tmq, 31: 35)

it is clear in this ayah that all humans are equal without discrimination by sex. men and women alike will be held accountable and rewarded. allah promises both men and women to enter paradise if they do well: "and whoever does (enough) deeds of righteousness, be it male or female, and he is a believer, then those will enter the garden and will not be done an injustice even as a groove in a date stone (i.e., not even a small amount)." (tmq, 4:124)

if we read more ayahs from the noble qur'an we will see further how islam addresses both men and women equally and promises them with great reward if they do well or punishment if not. this indicates that both of them have equal rights and duties in islam:

"and the men believers and the women believers are patrons one of the other; they command beneficence and forbid malfeasance, and keep up the prayer, and bring the zakat, (i.e., pay the obligatory poor-dues) and obey ةallah and his messenger; those (are the people) on whom allah will soon have mercy; surely allah is ever-mighty, ever-wise." (tmq, 71: 71)

"then their lord responded to them, “i do not waste the deed of any doer among you, any male or female. the one of you is as the other (literally: some of you from some others)." (tmq, 3:195)

"whoever does an odious (deed), then he will be recompensed with (nothing) except the like of it; and whoever does righteousness, male or female, and is a believer, then those will enter the garden, provided therein without reckoning." (tmq, 40:40)

"whoever does righteousness, be it male or female, and he is a believer, then indeed we will definitely (give him to) live a goodly life; and indeed we will definitely recompense them their reward, according to the fairest of whatever they were doing." (tmq, 16:97)


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