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What to say at the time of making Love

8743 2010/11/21 2024/05/26

when a muslim man is about to enter his wife, he should always say first:

bismillahi, allahumma jannibnaa ash-shaitaan, wa jannib

ash-shaitaan maa razaqtanna

[in the name of allah, o allah, keep us away from the devil, and keep the

devil away from that which you may grant us (ie. offspring).]

about this, the prophet said: "after that, if allah decrees that they will have a child, the devil will never be able to harm that child". [al-bukharee][1]



  1. [some scholars say that children are disobedient to their parents usually because the parents forget/forgot to say the above duaa before having sex. ed. of salaf-us-salih page]
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