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the administrative committee for “Rasoulallah.net” Website

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the following specifications are describing the administrative committee for “rasoulallah.net” website:

administrative committees will be established in “nusrat rasulullah” website, to accommodate non arabic languages . each language will have its individual administration.
this committee will be functioning under the supervision of the general supervisor, while coordinating with:

- daawah group - translation department
- graphic department - data department - callers to daawah in islamic chat


the members of this committee should:
1- be fluent in its language
2- at least be online for two hours a day.


some of the administrative committee tasks are:
1- periodically recommending banners, daawah booklets and brochures to be assigned to the graphic team

2- recommending which articles to be sent monthly by the website mail list

3- making recommendations to translate books or articles from arabic into the language which he is responsible of. as well as recommending booklets, audios and visuals about prophet mohammad(salla allah alihe wa sallam) to be observed by the site’s administration, then to be inserted into the site.

4- coordinating between (translation section) and (section loading the material into the website) to make sure that it’s free of errors.

5- assigning weekly time to look over the site’s contents and make sure that it’s free of errors.

6- supervising the language’s: (face book) and forum sections, and following up with new members and articles.

7- making a list of famous / big forums and chatting sites which are possible to be used to publish articles by daawah group , and making a list of the articles which will be published

8- receiving questions from forums and making sure that they are answered by brothers at the islamic chat site

9-suggestion for advertisement solution (free and paid ) .

choose the tasks you want and send your request to



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