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5492 2010/04/20 2024/07/18
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in the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful


and peace and blessings be upon mohammad the best of mankind,


in shaa allah, in the next phase, our website will be launching (daawa’h trailers) to  introduce mohammad  the messenger of allah throughout the internet, we will be calling those trailers :”  the well-beloved trailers” or “alhabeeb trailers”.


 they will be arranged as follows:


establishing several (daawa’h trailers) in the website’s different languages:”(( english trailer, french, italian…etc…)), each trailer will specialize in propagating the website’s informing materials related to our prophet (peace be upon him) through the internet.



each trailer consists of:


first: trailer president and his specifications:



1- fluency in the trailer’s language, preferably his mother tongue.

2- ( preferably) have well studied islamic legislation.

3- free for an hour or two everyday to follow up the trailer’s course of action.

4 –capable of proficiently constituting letters about the trustworthy prophet and the great islam by coordinating with the website’s administration.

5- to be familiar with main chatting websites and forums in the same language. 

6- writing (daawa’h letters) and introduction participations.  



trailer’s president duties


first: writing a periodic weekly bulletin (( four letters a month))  by choosing topics from the website , sending it to the mailing list and each week following up with the choices that suit the user ( in his language) and communicating with him.


second: establishing a list which contains muslim and non muslim websites and forums ( in the trailer’s list), by coordinating with the marketing forum.


third: replying to those who comment on the (trailer’s members) participations, in the websites and forums ( according to the trailer’s language). 


fourth: continual communication with the trailer’s members who will join the project.



second: trailer’s member and his specifications:



1- working hard to propagate prophet mohammad’s introduction articles which will be received from the trailer’s president.

2- following up with the visitors’ replies to the articles published (by the trailer’s members) in the websites and forums in which our website is participating.

3- working with the special marketing team in the website to publish prophet mohammad’s introduction letters in specific countries according to a special calendar.



languages targeted in the first phase: 


german- chinese- italian- spanish- french- english


if you wish to participate as a team leader , please contact:




and mention the trailer’s language



if you wish to participate as a team member, please contact:




and mention the trailer’s language 

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