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The New Site "Who is Mohammad" has been launched..Q & A Format

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14743 2010/10/24 2023/12/07
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the new site "who is mohammad" has been launched..q & a format

in the name of allah, the most gracious, the most merciful…peace and blessings be upon our prophet muhammad…


thanks due to allah the almighty, our new site “whoismohammad.com” has been launched as a part of our main site “rasoulallah.net”.


this site represents its content in a dynamic way of questions and answers; every time the question is different, it shows a different answer.


the main parts of the site:


1-      introducing the questions and answers asked by some of those who do not believe in prophet muhammad pbuh. the answers will clear their doubts and introduce prophet muhammad and the religion of islam to them.


2-introducing the questions that might be asked by the muslims themselves. the answers will make them know their prophet more and follow him in all his steps.


give us a hand in publishing this site to support our beloved prophet peace be upon him.





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