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Let's Defend the Prophet of Allah

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23653 2010/05/02 2024/06/19
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the world campaign for defending the prophet of allah (pbuh)

join us now … lend a helping hand..


all praise be to allah the almighty and peace & blessings be upon prophet muhammad, peace be upon him...


after greetings & sincere wishes, we, family of rasoulallah.net, invite you to support the prophet of allah (pbuh) by participating in the campaign of "let's defend the prophet of allah" online; therefore, it is a duty of each keen muslim to know how the prophet, peace be upon him, is targeted under aggressive war and how to defend the prophet, peace be upon him. in this regard, let me tell you the story from the very beginning,


let's start with this question:

how the enemies of islam use internet to insult our beloved prophet – peace be upon him?

it is known that most of the internet users are heavily using the google search engine to search for any information, services or products; therefore, some of the foreign websites exploited this issue and targeted thousands of seekers of islam in order to defame islam and the prophet, peace be upon him, by circulating offensive pictures about the prophet, peace be upon him, and designing websites only for the purpose of insulting our prophet pbuh, and our religion. such websites have upgraded its order on the search engines, such as google and yahoo in order to appear in the first search results and attract thousands and millions of visitors and communicate to them insults and falsifications about our religion and prophet, peace be upon him.


do you understand now how they use the internet to insult our religion and prophet?

 now, if we ask: how can we respond?

let your response be like mine ….


we concluded that we should support and defend our religion and prophet, peace be upon him, by using the same technology; i.e. upgrading the order of the website in the search engines in order to target those who seek information about islam and the prophet pbuh or those who look for the offensive pictures to give them the opportunity to know who is muhammad, peace be upon him, instead of entering the websites which offend our religion and prophet.


how can we do that?

we cannot attain such target except by putting text links or banners having text links to “rasoulallah.net” provided that such text links shall contain specified content and form in the other websites.

therefore, we invite all owners of websites to participate in the campaign of refuting any offenses leveled against our prophet, peace be upon him by putting banners containing text links (the text link is a substantial thing and it is most important than the banner itself) or putting text links without banners in their websites. we invite you also to estimate the costs and coordinate with us immediately.


the banners are available in the webpage of  "link to us" on the following link:





don't spare any effort.. lend a helping hand …

isn't the prophet your beloved who said to his companions, after visiting al-baqee' cemetery: i am eager to see my darlings. the companions, may allah be pleased with them, said: “aren’t we your darlings?

what is your opinion about the answer of the prophet, peace be upon him and who are the "darlings"?

the prophet, peace be upon him, said: my darlings are those who believed in me but did not see me.

the prophet, peace be upon him, means you…

may allah reward you …


written by the in-charge of "let's defend the prophet of allah" campaign.

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