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Islam Calls for Good Treatment between Spouses

5009 2010/12/04 2024/04/24
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to improve the relationship between husbands and wives islam addressed the form of this relationship on several occasions, as stated in the noble qur'an. allah says what can be translated as: "and consort with them with beneficence; so in case you hate them, then it is possible you may hate something, and allah sets in it much charity (i.e. benefit)." (tmq, 4: 19) and: "and in case a woman fears non- compliance or veering away in her husband, then there is no fault in both of them if they make a righteous reconciliation between them; (literally: that they reconcile a reconcile a reconciliation) and reconciliation is most charitable;" (tmq, 4:128)


the prophet (saws) said: "a male believer should not hate a female believer (his wife). if he dislikes one of her qualities he can be pleased with another." [78] he also said: "the best among you is the best to his wife and i am the best among you to his wives." [79] he also said: "women are the twin halves of men." [80] 


[78]musnad ahmad/ musnad abu hurairah, hadith no.8163

[79] at tirmithi, al manakeb, hadith no.3895

[80]sunan abu dawood,at tahara, hadith 236





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