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The love between Muslims

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the love between muslims

in a third circle is love among muslims. this love is crystallized in the exchange of feelings of sincere affection and translating in sayings and facts, the bad and the good...

it is an intimate and close relationship in which the hearts and spirits are attracted some others; thus, the satisfaction and enjoyment of the love between the parties are in harmony is achieved. ibn qayyem lists the types of love in the context of social saying: "among them figure the love that manifests itself in an agreement on a way, a religion, a doctrine or a method, proximity, a product or a goal." there is also love in order to achieve some benefit of the beloved, of its power, wealth, education, or to satisfy a desire. this type is ephemeral and ends once the objective has been achieved. he loves to achieve a goal, leaves you to get it. the harmonious love or that emanates from an agreement between two people is durable and only ends when something that put an end to this love. the great affection love is: "a spiritual approval and a combination of souls..." (prophetic medicine and zad al ' ibnu to the qayyem ad).

the culture of love is a method that is essential for the construction of a muslim society. the messenger of allaah (sws) made him a cornerstone for the construction of the first muslim society in medina when he instilled the sisterhood and brotherhood between the emigrants’ mechanisms and the medinenses. he established a brotherhood among those who had the customs and values of the society of mecca where muslims were persecuted and were forced to emigrate, and the customs and values of yazrib (old name of medina), the city received the messenger of allah and his companions who had. both were pioneers and builders of new muslim society. in this new society was revealed courtesy of the prophet through his method of construction. a unique method that was considered to be a permanent feature in the society of madina.

the messenger of allaah (sws) began the process of constriction with the announcement of "the covenant of love" and used clear words to talk to the madinans (people of the city of madina): "ye are those who love you most".

ydijo: "the madinans love to the believers and the hypocrites hate." "he who loves them, allah loves you, and he hates them, allah hates him."

once, he stopped before a group of women and children, on their way back from a wedding, and said to them: "by allah!" "you are that they love you more," he repeated three times.

on another occasion confirmed this love so pure and prodigal in the heart of the sincere messenger of allaah (sws) when he said: "if the inhabitants of medina choose a road or a path i would follow this same path." "ysi were not for the emigration would have been one of the madinans ".

the messenger of allaah (sws) was not content with these beautiful words to express his gratitude towards the madinans, but it also translated them into a strategic plan. the plan was the establishment of standards of brotherhood between the emigrants and the madinans. among the exiles of the injustice of mecca, and those who came to their aid, the generous in medina.

the medinenses, with the promise of a big future, showed the moral virtues of the brotherhood, the nobility, generosity and hospitality. they not only offered his riches, palm trees and dates in sharing with the emigrants from mecca but also provided more precious and valuable than wealth and food. there are a large number of examples in textbooks of "sirah" and "ahadiz" (tradition and sayings of the prophet):

the messenger of allaah (sws), the engineer's society of love, established the basis of the love between all peers and gave them specific examples on how love should be. he always praised his sincerity and courage and forbade them to insult: "never insult my colleagues." (if someone of you spent gold equal to uhud (that is equal to the size of the mountain of uhud) could not reach the position or the merit of one of them) "

 (chapter of the virtues of the companions of the prophet of the book of "a el bukhaari saheeh")."

his love for osama ibn - al - hariz, may allaah be pleased with him, was known and disclosed to such an extent that he was called to usama "beloved good of the messenger of allaah". he also loved the father of osama. and pronounced, prayers and peace of allah be upon him, responding to all who challenged the leadership of usama to be minor: "if you now oppose his leadership, had earlier challenged his father and how worthy leadership era!" "and after him - his father-usama became one of the most beloved to me."

the messenger of allaah drew the image that brings together the meanings of love, union, and solidarity among the individuals of the muslim society with words so eloquent that they are not pronounced but in the language of the prophet: "look to believers, in his mercy, affection and love as one body." "if one of its members complaining - about any pain - the rest of the body will respond with the sleepless and fever".

what individuals and groups of islamic peoples need today is this kind of love.... this kind of culture of love. this affection and love lost from a long time ago by several factors, among them, ignore the importance of the culture of love and what means of positive values in the construction of the family and of society.



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