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Evidence of the authentic Hadith

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Evidence of the authentic Hadith


He says the Quran (which is interpreted in Spanish): {or speak according to their passions. He only transmits what has been revealed to him.} [Qur'an 53: 3-4]

 The evidence

First: In this article we will briefly observe the evidence supporting the authority of Sunnah and the need to obey and follow the Prophet Muhammad, sallallahu ' alayhi wa sallam, as it is presented in his Sunnah.

Second: Evidence from  authentic hadiz

The hadeeth narrated from the Messenger of Al - lah, sallallahu ' alayhi wa sallam, indicating Huyyiatus Sunnah are numerous, and scholars generally categorized them into sets that give evidence to the various aspects of the topic, such as: it is obligatory for all Muslims is certain and live according to the Sunnah. Sunnah is also a revelation of Al - lahwhich has an authority similar to the Quran, which legislates laws and regulations regardless of the Qur'an, etc. The next set presents a collection of such hadices.

Allah Messenger, sallallahu ' alayhi wa sallam, said:

· "Who deviates from my Sunnah is not mine". [Bukhaari and Muslim]

· "I've left them with two things, is not sure if cling to them: the book of Al - lah and my Sunnah, the them must not secede never up (we are in) Hd aw (pond)". [To Hakim and others]

· "Adhere to my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly guided Caliphs. "Cling to it with his teeth, and beware of innovations, because certainly all bid'ah (innovation) leads to the diversion '. [Abu Dawood and Al-Tirmidhi]

· "I left them on a clear proof, your night is like your day, no one deviates from it, except what is joined to perdition, and whoever among you live long time will see great controversy. Therefore, cling to what they know of my Sunnah and the Sunnah of the rightly-guided, Orthodox Caliphs, cling to it with their teeth". [Tohmad]

· "There will soon be a man reclining on his couch, and when talk to you about my ahaadeeth will say: ' between us and you is the book of Al - lah." What are allowed in it, we allow it; and what we find prohibited therein, we ban '. But, in fact, what the Messenger of Al - lah has forbidden is similar to what Al - lah has forbidden". [Abu Dawood and Al-Tirmidhi]

· "Certainly, it has given me the book (the Quran) and something like it along with (the Sunnah)". [Abu Dawood]

· "Who obeys me is obeying Al - lah, and who disobeys me is disobeying Al - lah". [Bukhaari and Muslim]

· "There will be nobody

believed completely until and unless their wishes coincide and are attached to what I brought them (my Sunnah)". [At-Tirmidhi]

· "Who takes me as example is of mine, and who rejects my Sunnah is not mine". [Ahmad]

Third: Evidence of the Ijmaa '

The Ijmaa ' is the consensus or agreement of Muslim scholars. And Muslims were in the past and still agree today that the Sunnah has such authority over Muslims that they are obliged to follow it and they have forbidden ignore her. This fact was repeatedly stated and emphasized by the main scholars throughout history. Ibn haszem argued that no person is not known, that it has been recognized as a scholar, who has discussed the authority of Sunnah.

Imam Ibn al the Qaiem said that "there is consensus among Muslims in that whenever a Muslim to recognize the Sunnah in relation to any matter, then does not have another way to accept it, practice it, and implement it".

Likewise, all the great Muslim scholars have been consensus on the validity of Huyyiatus Sunnah and the need to follow it so that our faith is legitimate, correct and authentic.






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