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Teachings of the Prophet ( ﷺ) on Friday prayers

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Teachings of the Prophet () on Friday prayers 


- Among his teachings ﷺ was honor Friday and the Friday prayer (al - Jumu'ah ' ah), designating this particular practices such as taking a bath, wear the best clothes, carefully hear the sermon and invoke blessings to the Prophet r frequently.


- Used to greet the orantes, ascend to the pulpit, watching the believers, greet them and then sit. Then Bilal and made the call to prayer (al - adhan), and then the Prophet ﷺ  immediately began his sermon without any interlude. While he was pronouncing the sermon lay in an arc or a cane, but that was before taking the pulpit.


- He pronounced the sermon on foot, then he sat briefly after which he got up for a second sermon.


- He called on worshippers to sit close to him and to hear carefully. He said that a man should not even tell another to put attention, since it would be considered a distraction that void you the reward of his prayer al - Jumu'ah'


- When you debate your eyes become red, his voice became stronger and he showed anger growing as if it were calling upon an army.


- Used to make short his sermon and lengthen the sentence.


- In the sermon taught his companions the foundations of Islam and the laws. Mentioned orders and prohibitions when it was needed.


- Interrupted his sermon by any unexpected needs or to answer a question, and then resumed his speech. It could also descend from the pulpit for any need and then returned. It was current in his sermon Affairs and when I noticed the poverty among the Congregation, encouraged charity.


- Pointed with his index finger when he mentioned to Allah, and if there was drought, you invoke Allah for rain.


- After the prayer of the Jumu'ah ' ah, came to his house and made his prayer sunnah of two rak'at. Also told those who did the prayer of the Jumu'ah ' ah to pray four rak'at after she.







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