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Wiping over Khuffs (Leather Socks)

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Wiping over Khuffs (Leather Socks):

It is permissible to wipe over Khuffs and their likes such as Jawrab and the like by passing one’s wet hand over the upper part of the Kuff and Jawrab.  As for the duration of the validity of wiping over the Kuffs, it is permissible for the resident (i.e. not a traveler) to wipe over them for a period of one day and night. As for the traveler whose journey legally allows shortening prayer (i.e. when the destination is far enough), then the period of permissibility is three days and nights. For both (the resident and the traveler), the period of permissibility (of wiping over the Khuffs) starts from the first ablution after being in a state of ritual impurity (caused by passing urine, stool or wind). So whoever performs ablution for Fajr Prayer, then wears the two Khuffs and keeps his ablution until ‘Asr Prayer, then enters a state of ritual impurity so he performs ablution for ‘Asr Prayer, then the beginning of the time of wiping over them starts from ‘Asr Prayer.

Wiping over the Kuffs is only permissiblz only if one wears them after being in a state of complete ritual purity (i.e. a state of ablution) by using water.

As for the one who has a wound and has a splint over it or the like such as bandages and plasters that cover wounds, all such coverings are permitted to be wiped over bay passing a wet hand over the splint i.e. the upper and lower parts of it that should be washed. If there is nothing over it, then one should wash or wipe it. But if it can be harmed by wiping or washing, then one should perform Tayammum (dry ablution) after performing ablution.

In addition, it is permissible to wipe over the splints and the like in both states of ritual impurity (minor or major ritual impurity), and there is not fixed period for the permissibility of wiping over them. In other words, it is permissible to wipe over the splint until it is removed or the broken limb heals. In a nutshell, the permissibility of wiping over the splint during purification is dependent on the necessity of the cover.

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