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The Prayer of the Traveler

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The Prayer of the Traveler:

It is permissible for the traveler to shorten the prayer consisting of four Rak‘ahs to only tow Rak‘ahs.

A Muslim on journey is to start shortening the prayer as soon as he leaves his town or city. A traveler is permitted to shorten the prayer even if he frequently travels. There is no specific distance stipulated for shortening prayer; rather, prayer can be shortened in all what can be called a travel.

If the traveler performed prayer behind a resident (i.e. not a traveler) leader, in the case of the prayer consists of four Rak‘ah, one should complete his prayer if he performed two Rak‘ah with him or more, or he can shorten them. If the traveler performs the Maghrib Prayer, he should sits after the third Rak‘ah until the Imam say Tasleem and he say Tasleem with him. If the resident is performing the Maghrib Prayer and the traveler performing the Ishaa’ Prayer, then he should pray complete four Rak‘ahs.

There is no limited duration for the traveler to shorten prayer, but if the traveler settled for a long time and became like those who are resident i.e. having house, renting it or the like, then he should complete his prayers.

When the time of prayer becomes due and then he sets out, he should shorten prayer according to action. 

If one is on his journey, then performing Jumu‘ah (Friday) Prayer is not obligatory upon him. He also cannot start it except to follow the residents. So if he passed by those who pray it after the second Athaan, he should pray with them. If he is resident in the country, then he has to perform Jumu‘ah Prayer, following to the residents.  

It is permissible for a traveler to combine the Thuhr Prayer and the ‘Asr Prayer at the due time of either of them, and, likewise, to combine the Maghrib Prayer and the Ishaa’ Prayer at the due time of either of them. This will be recommendable if a traveler is in haste on his journey.

When a traveler stops on his journey, to take a rest, it is better for him to perform each prayer shortened at its due time, not to combine prayers. There will no blame on him if he combined them.

It is better for the one who is permitted to combine prayers to combine them according to what suits his/her situation most.


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