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Information about the Polytheists' Army

5727 2007/11/21 2024/06/18
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in the evening of the same day, he despatched three emigrant leaders, ‘ali bin abi talib, az-zubair bin al-‘awwam and sa‘d bin abi waqqas to scout about for news about the enemy. they saw two men drawing water for the makkan army. on interrogation, they admitted that they were water carriers working for quraish. but that answer did not please some muslims and they beat the two boys severely in order to exact from them an answer, even if it isn’t true, alluding to the caravan laden with wealth. the two boys thus lied, and so they were released. the prophet [pbuh] was angry with those men and censured them saying: "on telling the truth, you beat them, and on telling a lie, you released them!" he then addressed the two boys and after a little conversation with them he learned a lot about the enemy: number of soldiers, their exact location and names of some of their notables.

he then turned to the muslims and said: "hearken, quraish has sent you their most precious lives."

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